1999 (MIA) Mazda Miata Race Car Rental

MIA ia a 99 Silver prepared to the current minimum requirements for wheel to wheel Club Racing. This would include Comp Schools or Licensing events. The car is optimized for NASA ST6, but also provides a much higher level of safety equipment for lapping days, HDPE, PDX and NASA TT, among other entry level competition formats.

Rental Prices Range From $700-1200 a day. 

Transport/delivery, track-side support, brake pad options and wheel/tire options are negotiable.

Safety: The car is equipped with a full w2w racing safety system, with a current NASA logbook. This includes an 8 point cage with an FIA rated Sparco Cuircut Seat on Jerfspeed brackets with a 6pt camlock belt, window net and a center net, engine kill/shutoff switch and hand held fire extinguisher.

Performance: The car is set up on a Supermiata Xida suspension, 200tw summer tires.

Upgraded wheel/tire options are available.

We would appreciate 30 days notice if you want to rent a car, but if stuff happens and you need to make that event next weekend.

Rentals require a $2500 deposit and contract signature.

Email Darren@midwestmiataparts.com to get started!